Fan Qin, MSc

Ph.D. - Supervision: A. Bertolo (UQTR) & M. Amyot


Aquatic ecosystems are considered as the first compartments that receive multiples pollutants from human activities. My research background is mainly in aquatic ecology. I am currently working on trace metals cycling in small freshwater ecosystems. I am interested in looking at the effects of zooplankton vertical migration on mercury cycling in boreal lakes. More specifically, I am studying the effects of zooplankton grazing on the regeneration of trace metals in freshwater, and the effects of oscillated temperature (short term: 24 h) on mercury accumulation in Daphnia magna. In the current context of global warming, zooplankton activities could be seriously affected, and consequently have significant impacts on the speciation of metallic pollutants in water, as well as their transfer in the trophic chain. My wider interests are on the bioaccumulation of various metallic and organic pollutants under oscillated temperature (24h) in different biological models (bivalve, fish, large crustaceans, etc.) in aquatic food webs, as well as to understand the relationship between organometallic pollutants and lipids in the process of trophic transfer.