The laboratory is part of the analytical platform for environmental analyzes of the GRIL (Interuniversity research group in limnology and aquatic environment). Several analyzes are available for GRIL members, for other academic laboratories, for government institutions and for private companies.

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Metal analysis – speciation

We offer ultra-trace analysis of arsenic and selenium in water and biological tissues by atomic spectrometry with hydride generation. We can also perform inorganic (As(III) and As(V)) and organic speciation of arsenic (by HPLC-CV-AFS). We are currently developing an LC-ICP-MS/MS system.

Mercury analysis

We offer ultra-trace analyses of mercury and methylmercury in water, air, soils and biological matrices by atomic fluorescence spectrometry.

Other laboratories by the GRIL laboratory of the University of Montreal

– Total and dissolved carbon (TOC, DOC)

– Color (A254, A440)

– Elemental analysis of C, H and N

– CO2, CH4, N2O, O2, N2 gases

– Total, particulate and dissolved phosphorus (TP, DP, PP)

– Total and dissolved nitrogen, nitrite, nitrate, ammonium (TN, DN, NO2, NO3, NH4)

– Chlorophyll a