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Marc Amyot, Ph.D.


I obtained my bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the Université de Montréal. My thesis was on the prediction of metal bioaccumulation in St. Lawrence River invertebrates and was done under the supervision of Bernadette Pinel-Alloul (Université de Montréal) and Peter Campbell (INRS). I then undertook doctoral studies at York University, under the supervision of Donald […]
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Dominic Ponton, Ph.D.

Research officer

I am a research associate and project manager in Dr. Amyot’s lab. I did my MSc and PhD at INRS-ETE with Landis Hare about nickel and selenium in the mining regions of Rouyn-Noranda and Sudbury. I am interested in the speciation of trace elements in aquatic environments and how this speciation influence their bioaccumulation and […]
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Dominic Bélanger

Laboratory Technician

Originally from Matane region in Gaspésie, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from UQAR (1999). After a few years of laboratory work in private companies, I joined the Laboratory team in 2003. My passion for science and analytical chemistry drives my determination in my work. Generous of the experience I have acquired during my […]
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Maria Chrifi Alaoui

Lab technician - LC-MS-MS

Graduated in physical chemistry, I’ve been working in Professor Marc Amyot’s group since 2018 on the analysis of rare earth, trace metal analysis and arsenic speciation on all type of matrices. I also work on data processing, on the development of analytical methods and I ensure the conformity and quality control of the results obtained.
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Kimberley Desjardins

Ph.D. - Supervision: M. Amyot & M. Rosabal (UQAM)

From a perspective of assessing the environmental risk of metals, it is essential to take into account their speciation and bioavailability at the ecosystem level as well as their paritioning at the cellular level. My research tends to better understand the behavior of metals, especially mercury and selenium at the biogeochemical and cellular level. First, […]
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Marie-Christine Lafrenière

Ph.D. - Supervision: M. Amyot & J.F. Lapierre (UdeM)

My scientific interests navigate between limnology and ecotoxicology. Preserving the quality of fresh water and all that it shelters motivates my research journey. More specifically, my efforts are focused on understanding the fate of rare earth elements, these essential metals for the development of technologies, in the fluvial landscape of Quebec. The first rare earth […]
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Rania Boukhari

M.Sc. - Supervision: M. Amyot

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Mariane St-Aubin

MSc - Supervision: Marc Amyot

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Tania Groleau

Master student

My research project focuses on the effect of the construction of a hydroelectric dam on permafrost soil in Inukjuak as a collaboration with many partners. Hydroelectric dams have been shown to alter and increase the amount of methylmercury in river which could be of concern for nearby population that rely on this source of water. […]
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Isabelle Tessier

After completing an undergraduate degree in cinema studies from UdeM (2007), I did work in cinema industry for more than a decade before going back to school to obtain a bachelor’s degree in biology from UdeM (2022). My interests are basically about aquatic science, ecology and conservation biology. I’m looking forward to work on projects […]
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Marie Lefranc

Ph.D. - Supervision: M. Rosabal (UQAM) & M. Amyot

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Luana Haunzenreder Bauer

Ph.D. - Supervision: M. Rosabal (UQAM) & M. Amyot

Fish species inhabiting the Indian River Lagoon system (Florida) have been subjected to a chronic exposure of various trace metals related to urban, industrial, and agricultural sources. As the effects of metals on fish species have not been fully studied in this area, my Ph.D. research aims to determine the subcellular partitioning of various metals (Hg, […]
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Alice Carle

Ph.D. - Supervision: M. Rosabal (UQAM) & M. Amyot

The growing demand of platinum group metals (e.g. Pt, Pd) in high technologies resulted in an increasing contamination of these metals in aquatic environments. To address this environmental concern, information regarding the impact of Pt or Pd on aquatic organisms is necessary. My PhD project has the objective to determine the interaction and effect of […]
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Jessyca Guénette

M.Sc. - Supervision: J.F. Lapierre (UdeM) & M. Amyot

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Virginie Ricard-Henderson

M.Sc. Supervision: J.F. Lapierre (UdeM) & M. Amyot

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Linsey Mouatcho

Ph.D. - Supervision: I. Lavoie (INRS) & M. Amyot

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Jérémy Dupont

M.Sc. - Supervision: M. Rosabal (UQAM) & M. Amyot

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Veronika Storck, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral fellow

Kathy St-Fort

Lab technician

Maxime Leclerc

Ph.D. - Supervision: M. Amyot & D. Planas (UQAM)

Holly Marginson

Ph.D. - Supervision: M. Amyot

Fan Qin, MSc

Ph.D. - Supervision: A. Bertolo (UQTR) & M. Amyot

Julien Labrie

M.Sc. - Supervision: M. Rosabal (UQAM) & M. Amyot

Janick Lalonde, Ph. D.

Ph. D. (2002)

José Sarica, Ph.D.

M.Sc. (2001)

Nelson O’Driscoll

postdoc (2005)

Edenise Garcia

postdoc (2006)

Saad Chidami, M.Sc.

M.Sc. (2007)

Valérie Girard


Alexandre Poulain, M.Sc.

M.Sc. (2003)

Karine Dauphin M.Sc.

M.Sc. (2007)

Ariane Bouffard, M.Sc.

M.Sc. (2007)

Mylène Ratelle, M.Sc.

M.Sc. (2008)

Virginie Roy, M.Sc.

M.Sc. (2008)

John Chételat, Ph.D.

researcher (2009)

Matthieu Moingt

postdoc (2009)

Lama Aldamann

postdoc (2010)

Anne-Hélène Lejeune

postdoc (2010)

Jesse Carrie

postdoc (2011)

Justine Desjardins, M.Sc.

M.Sc. (2011)

Stéphanie Hamelin, Ph.D.

Ph.D. (2012)

Émie Labonté-David, M.Sc.

M.Sc. (2012)

Lassine Traoré, M.Sc.

M.Sc. (2012)

Ousséni Ouédraogo, Ph.D.

assistant professor (2013)

Tania Perron, M.Sc.

M.Sc. (2015)

Trang Nguyen, M.Sc.

M.Sc. (2015)

Honoré Gbetoh, M.Sc.

M.Sc. (2016)

Maikel Rosabal, Ph.D.

Postdoc (2016)

Tania Charette, Ph.D.

doctoral student (2016)

Audrey Pierillas

Master 2 (2016)

Meredith Clayden

research officer (2016)

Lucie Baillon

postdoc (2016)

Professor Jorge Ruelas Inzunza

Professor on sabbatical leave

Raphaël Lavoie, Ph.D

postdoctoral fellow

Catherine Girard

doctoral student

Gwyneth MacMillan

doctoral student

Kawina Robichaud

doctoral student

Pierre-Yves Cardon

doctoral student

Aymeric Rolland

master's student

Victoria Vienot-Cartier

master's student

Lise Millera Ferriz

master's student

Tania Charette

doctoral student