Graduate student scholarships in ecotoxicology

Graduate student scholarships in ecotoxicology

Biogeochemistry, bioaccumulation and trophic transfer of contaminants


Several master’s and doctoral scholarships are available in the team of Professor Marc Amyot at the University of Montreal. These projects may be conducted in co-direction with other researchers, for some topics.

The projects cover the following themes:

  • The links between the carbon and mercury cycles in a dynamic of hydro-electricity exploitation in partnership with hydroelectric companies and 3 Indigenous communities (Inukjuak, Haute-Mauricie and Côte-Nord).
  • Intestinal absorption of contaminants, based on different First Peoples cooking recipes and co-ingestion of other foods.
  • Trophic transfer of emerging contaminants such as rare earths, platinum group elements and microplastics.
  • Fate of natural nanoparticles in the environment (e.g., mercury selenide (HgSe), rare earth colloids).
  • Fate of contaminants to meet the fresh and salt waters of the St. Lawrence Estuary.
  • Impact of contaminants on fatty acid profiles in aquatic organisms.
  • Hormesis of contaminants in ecotoxicology.


We are committed to excellence, equity, diversity and inclusion in research and training. If you are interested in joining this dynamic team, please send a letter, your curriculum vitae and your transcripts to

See you soon,

Marc Amyot, professor


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