Marie-Christine Lafrenière

Ph.D. - Supervision: M. Amyot & J.F. Lapierre (UdeM)


My scientific interests navigate between limnology and ecotoxicology. Preserving the quality of fresh water and all that it shelters motivates my research journey. More specifically, my efforts are focused on understanding the fate of rare earth elements, these essential metals for the development of technologies, in the fluvial landscape of Quebec. The first rare earth mine in Canada has recently emerged and other mining projects could be carried out in Quebec, even in the watershed of the St. Lawrence River. It therefore becomes urgent to collect data and understand the path of these metals in water, sediments, and organisms in this complex and heterogeneous ecosystem.

Others interests: foster home for cats, watercolor, spaghetti sauce and outdooring.

Twitter : @mclafreniere